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有鑑於此,CeraLiv誕生了。CHOOSE NanoTech在高性能陶瓷塗層方面擁有10多年的經驗和知識,這成為我們了解各種基材性能(確保最佳結果)的重要基礎。CeraLiv致力於解決您和我每天都會遇到的煩人的問題。
All begins from a simple concept “Home”
Home is always regarded as the shelter that protects people. However, home is seldom being protected properly. In light of this, Ceraliv is born and aims at every aspect of interior and exterior protection.
Our parent company CHOOSE NanoTech has over 10 years of experience and knowledge in the high-performance ceramic coating that becomes our important foundation of understanding all kinds of substrates properties which ensures the best results.
Ceraliv dedicates to solve irritating problems you and I would face every day. We aim to offer comprehensive protection for valuable and luxurious materials by Nano-tech. In addition to home protection, we also have many successful cases in hotels, restaurants and commercial properties.
Ceraliv believes that all things deserved to be gingerly cherished and keeps it as brand new.